Magi (red_frog) wrote in dot_warmfluffy,

Other caption suggestions?
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is the human the squishy, or the panda?
The human, definitely.
In that case...

"Mr. Panda wuvs his person vewwy vewwy much."
Momma said the bamboo got big, but she never said it'd walk up to me and say hello! Cool!
i've heard that before...what is it from??
It's a line from finding Nemo.
I KNEW IT! hehe thanks :>
I like your caption, even if human arms aren't as squishy as jellyfish.
"Daddy, no, no, please no! I promise to use the litterbox from now on! Please don't sell me to Fred the Furrier!"
"I wuv you... you're my bestest fweind... oooh, nice watch... can I borrow that for just a second? Because we're such good fweinds?"